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Join Us and Go Beyond Borders

The Master Class That Changes Your Life

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The Ultimate Moving Abroad Program

Moving abroad is an exciting adventure, and we know 'It'll Be Fun' because we've done it ourselves. Many Americans are considering a move abroad for various reasons, including adventure, personal growth, economic benefits, and social factors. For us, it was about both the adventure and the opportunity to retire and create a fulfilling life that wasn’t possible in the USA. What’s your reason?

Embrace the Rich Life


We Should Have Done This Sooner

What's Included

Let the "It'll Be Fun Moving Abroad Program" be your trusted companion on this exciting journey. With our guidance, your move abroad will be smooth, successful, and, above all, filled with fun and adventure!

  • 4+ Hours Of On-Demand Video

  • Scheduled Online Meetups

  • Downloadable Calculators & Workbooks

  • Exclusive Action Templates

  • One to One Meetups 50% off

  • Priority Email Support

  • 10 Step-by-Step Modules


Module Overview: Explore What's Covered   

Getting Started 1st Steps

First Steps: Getting Started Module

The "First Steps: Getting Started" module is your essential guide to moving abroad. It covers budgeting for moving and living expenses, tips for daily life, and spending calculators to help manage your finances. Learn a new language with recommended courses and apps, and get step-by-step guidance on passport preparation and securing international phone plans. Build a social circle and maintain family support, and manage your finances with advice on setting up local bank accounts and handling international transactions. This module ensures you're well-prepared for a smooth transition to your new adventure abroad.

Discovering Your Destination

The "Discovering Your Destination" module helps you prepare financially and understand how to build a better life abroad. Learn how to maintain or improve your quality of life for less. This section includes worksheets to explore and track important details about your target countries, helping you weigh pros and cons and determine the best visa options for your situation. Use our tools to make informed decisions about your move and ensure a successful transition to your new home. This module provides everything you need to know to create a fulfilling and cost-effective life abroad.


Fast Track Your Journey 'It'll Be Fun'

Preparing For Your Move

This module is your comprehensive guide to prepare for relocation. From VISAs to financial readiness, taxes, managing mail, and deciding what to do with household goods—whether keeping, shipping, selling, or storing them—it covers every aspect. It addresses packing essentials, considerations for family and friends, and invaluable tips for bringing your beloved pets along. Let us alleviate your worries by ensuring you're well-prepared for every step of the journey. With this module, you can confidently cover all your bases, making your move a smooth transition without any nervousness.

Understanding VISA's

This module delves into the intricacies of VISAs, unraveling what they are, how they function, and their basic requirements. It offers insights into the application process, empowering you to decide whether you require an immigration lawyer or prefer a do-it-yourself approach. Comprehensive coverage extends to various VISA examples worldwide, providing a nuanced understanding. Whether you're navigating work, travel, or immigration requirements, this resource equips you with the knowledge to make informed decisions. By demystifying the VISA landscape, it ensures you approach the process confidently, whether pursuing opportunities abroad or planning for international travel.


We Should Have Done This Sooner

Last Minute Before You Leave

As the departure day arrives, this module serves as your ultimate checklist after meticulous planning. From financial arrangements to country selection, VISA acquisition, property sale, and item selection, it now focuses on departure essentials. Covering what, where, and how, it ensures you have all necessary documents—tickets, pet health records, tax papers—ready. It prompts you to prepare cherished items and ensure excitement amid the packing hustle. With this comprehensive guide, you'll smoothly navigate the final steps, leaving nothing to chance. From the last-minute checks to the exhilarating moment of stepping out the door, this module ensures a seamless transition to your new adventure.

Planning Scounting Trip, Slow Travel

This module encompasses all aspects of travel, whether you're planning a scouting trip or a year of slow exploration. It details the importance of preliminary visits, optimal durations, flight and transportation arrangements, lodging options, safety measures, packing essentials, and common pitfalls to evade. Tailored to benefit travelers of all experience levels, it offers indispensable guidance for seamless journeys. Whether you're a seasoned explorer or embarking on your first adventure, this resource equips you with the tools to navigate travel planning effectively, ensuring memorable and worry-free experiences.


Life Is Short Explore The World

Getting Settled In your New Home

You have spent a number of years of planning, packing, and dreaming, the stress is high, but the easy part is here, right? Welcome to "Getting Settled." This module ensures a smooth transition by guiding you through essential tasks upon arrival. From setting up finances and understanding tax obligations to arranging wills and navigating healthcare systems, it covers all bases. Adjusting to the new environment includes establishing social connections and embracing cultural differences with the reminder that though it's not the same, it'll be fun—mostly. With this comprehensive guide, settling into your new life becomes an exciting adventure rather than a daunting task.


Welcome to our favorite topic: Healthcare. In this module, we guide you to discover the best options for your needs. Exploring the nuances of universal healthcare, we debunk myths and clarify its scope. Delving into private healthcare, we offer insights on choosing wisely and what factors to consider. Drawing from our experiences, we provide a clear understanding of what to expect and how to navigate healthcare systems in your chosen country. Whether you're seeking comprehensive coverage or simply understanding your options, this module ensures you're equipped to make informed decisions about your health abroad.


Live The Rich Life You Have Only Dreamed

Life Coaching

Welcome to life coaching—an invaluable resource, regardless of initial skepticism. Amidst the whirlwind of relocation, even the most composed individuals can feel overwhelmed. This module complements our organizational tools and worksheets, fostering support and clarity. Delving deep, you'll explore your true motivations, reaffirming your deservingness of this enriching experience. Learn to declutter your mind and life, releasing unnecessary burdens that hinder progress. Together, we'll maintain composure, breathe deeply, and relax, for amidst the challenges, the journey promises abundant joy. Because, It'll be Mostly Fun.

Food For Thought

Concluding our journey, we delve into further considerations. Explore FI (Financial Independence) and FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) concepts, empowering you to take charge of your financial future. Deliberate renting versus buying a home, strategize budget-friendly travel, and cultivate a cost-effective lifestyle. This comprehensive overview ensures you're equipped with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions beyond the relocation process. Whether aiming for early retirement or seeking sustainable living, this module provides invaluable insights to shape your future endeavors.

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